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This past week our company helped out many neighbors and customers with all sorts of plumbing related problems. Being that the weekend is ahead i’d like to share two quick stories. This past Tuesday our company was called to clean out a main sewer line from the house to street at one of our former customers. After about two hours we found out that their main city line got re-lined. What we didn’t know was that the company that installed the new liner forgot to open up the access for this customers service to drain. The client was extremely happy we came out and figured out the problem before is was to late.
The second story as well has to do with a client hiring our company to clean their main sewer line. The customer had another company in their house the day before and told them that there was no way to open the line and that it was time to dig. This customer took matters into their own hands and called around for quotes and a second opinion. This nice couple got a hold of our company at 7pm that night and we serviced them at 9am the following morning. When my service tech got to work we started cleaning the sewer line. After about three hours of hard work we pulled out a very heavy amount of roots. We then inspected the line with our camera technology and told the couple to have this line maintained every year and they should be fine. We ended up saving this family 12,000 for a digging repair that wasn’t even necessary. Hire a company that you trust or hear about and make sure to do your due diligence before a company wants to dig or do any large repairs. Always get a second opinion before its to late.

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