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Since 1947 Hiawatha Plumbing has been around serving clients with all types of drain cleaning problems. Hiawatha Plumbing has made tons of new connections and relationships since then. Just this past week we serviced clients that we have worked for over 20 years ago. It really means something to a company when we keep getting “Repeat” business. After about 15 years of drain cleaning we incorporated plumbing into our daily business work. Back when drain cleaning companies started they never had “plumbers” on staff. As we all know when things age they break. Being that plumbing pipes were getting old and routed we decided to hire a full time plumber to our crew.
Looking back on the decision and the routes we’ve taken it looks like we made the right choices.
Now servicing thousands of clients a year throughout the entire Minneapolis St. Paul Twin Cities area we enjoy what we do and going to continue to add and grow.
In the last 10 years we have had the ability to scope (camera inspect) the inside of sewer lines. Back before cameras were around companies used to dig were the cable got stuck. Having camera technology at our fingertips is a huge benefit for our company and to know exactly were to start excavating. This next year were buying an even more powered camera and what will come next stay tuned.
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Hiawatha plumbing handles everything from broken water lines to clogged toilets and sinks.
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