Main Sewer Line Stack Opening


In drain cleaning there are several ways to clean a sewer line. I’ll list a couple here:

1. Front Opening
2. Stack Line
3. Basement Toilet
4. Outside Opening
& More….

In the picture above we’re working through a stack opening. Sometimes homes either cover up the front clean out or they just don’t know where it is, or they don’t have one. For homes that don’t have one if you ever have a chance to install outside your house you should try to do so. It just makes the job easier and better for the tools professionals have. Working from the stack isn’t the worst case but it could limit the size of the cutter that gets down your sewer system. In most cases with tree roots the bigger the blade the better the cleaning but with a paper or grease clog that might not be the case.

Call Hiawatha Sewer Service next your experiencing any backed up drain lines or clogged plumbing pipes in your house.

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