Rusty Old Drains

Rusted out old floor drain

Rusted out old floor drain

When drains in general work they are amazing but when they clog up or worse break they can be our worst nightmare. So what do I mean by all of this? Floor drains are used to move water to the main sewer line and eventually travels towards the city sewer. Floor drains hold water in the trap so sewer gas doesn’t get into one’s home. Floor drain take water from the kitchen sink, washing machines and laundry tubs. When your floor drain is clogged it will effect those drains from draining properly. When floor drains are broken and can’t be cleaned then excavation will be needed and a plumber will have to be hired to repair your drain and even part of the drain line itself.

Our company came across a floor drain we couldn’t clean so the homeowner had to hire a plumber to replace some pipe. Unfortunately, at times the drain line rns around family areas in basement and floors need to be dug up and replced which can cause headache and unexpected expense.

If your in need of unclogging a drain line call Hiawatha Sewer Service today!

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