Do tree roots ruin sewer lines?


Weather your new to home ownership or have been a homeowner for several years or decades people always tend to forget about their plumbing and drain cleaning. When the average person uses water in their home they don’t think about where that water and debris actually ends up. Well let me tell you a secret most the debris ends up in the city sewer and gets carried miles and miles away from your home but then there’s the debris that gets stuck in your sanitary sewer line and hardens to the walls. Every house, office building, shopping center, hospital, school and any other location needs to have their drain lines cleaned out. Lots of people who have encountered a flood actually sign up on our maintenance program. Having a flooded property is no pretty sight.

Sanitary main sewer lines need regular cleaning just like getting your car a oil change, or going to scrap your dirty teeth at the dentist. If your one that chooses to wait to clean your drain lines when they clog up your likely to have major repair cost down the line.

If your having any issues or want maintenance on your drain lines call us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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