Kids Toy Causing Problems?

Objects found in Toilet

Objects found in Toilet

It’s very common that we pull and retrieve kids toys from toilets. Not only do we pull out kids toys but also adults wallets and cell phones. Phones are very common to pull from toilets. When unclogging an object from a toilet it isn’t always easy. Depending on how tightly wedged the object is in their will determine if it’s able to come out or not. From time to time sometimes the only way to retrieve an object from a toilet is to break the toilet.

Try and take a minute and think about what you bring into the bathroom with you. Maybe the bathroom should be a break from technology and maybe consider leaving your cell phone outside the bathroom. As for kids try and have locks on toilet lids so they can’t lift toilet seats up.

If you toilet isn’t flushing call Hiawatha Sewer Service today!

Rusty Old Drains

Rusted out old floor drain

Rusted out old floor drain

When drains in general work they are amazing but when they clog up or worse break they can be our worst nightmare. So what do I mean by all of this? Floor drains are used to move water to the main sewer line and eventually travels towards the city sewer. Floor drains hold water in the trap so sewer gas doesn’t get into one’s home. Floor drain take water from the kitchen sink, washing machines and laundry tubs. When your floor drain is clogged it will effect those drains from draining properly. When floor drains are broken and can’t be cleaned then excavation will be needed and a plumber will have to be hired to repair your drain and even part of the drain line itself.

Our company came across a floor drain we couldn’t clean so the homeowner had to hire a plumber to replace some pipe. Unfortunately, at times the drain line rns around family areas in basement and floors need to be dug up and replced which can cause headache and unexpected expense.

If your in need of unclogging a drain line call Hiawatha Sewer Service today!

Toilet Tank Debris?

Toilet Debris in Toilet Tank

Toilet Debris in Toilet Tank

What do we mean by “toilet tank debris”? Well, many think debris that is put down toilets or even maybe putting debris down that doesn’t belong. But, in this case we’re talking about products that homeowners or business owners put in toilets to make smell fresh or have a pretty tint color to their toilets.

We’ve noticed over the years the color, smelly looking objects that we place in our tank end up clogged the toilet jets and also end up clogging other part of the toilet.

Remember, when using anything there are pros and cons.

If you have a clogged toilet call Hiawatha Sewer Service today!

Inside Toilet Tank

Toilets have so much to do with clogged plumbing & Drain Cleaning.

Inside Toilet Tank

Inside Toilet Tank

Toilets contribute huge to clogged drains and issues that occur from the use of a toilet. Toilets have to be used properly and treated well to be able to last a long time. People who properly use toilets will end up liking their throne.

Toilets act up from time to time and knowong how to repair or who to call is very important. Anything from a running toilet to a clogged toilet is very serious no matter what time of day it is.

Main Sewer Line Stack Opening


In drain cleaning there are several ways to clean a sewer line. I’ll list a couple here:

1. Front Opening
2. Stack Line
3. Basement Toilet
4. Outside Opening
& More….

In the picture above we’re working through a stack opening. Sometimes homes either cover up the front clean out or they just don’t know where it is, or they don’t have one. For homes that don’t have one if you ever have a chance to install outside your house you should try to do so. It just makes the job easier and better for the tools professionals have. Working from the stack isn’t the worst case but it could limit the size of the cutter that gets down your sewer system. In most cases with tree roots the bigger the blade the better the cleaning but with a paper or grease clog that might not be the case.

Call Hiawatha Sewer Service next your experiencing any backed up drain lines or clogged plumbing pipes in your house.

Kitchen Sink Garbage Disposal

Kitchen Sink Garbage Disposal

Kitchen Sink Garbage Disposal

Here is a picture of plumbing pipes and a garbage disposal. These are the pipes that clog when a backed up kitchen sink isn’t draining properly. But, when we get called we end up having to go deeper then just the pipes under the sink. Most the time we’re running are snake in the wall trying to open and push out that stubborn clog.

Remember, clogged plumbing, drain cleaning, sewer cleaning isn’t everyone’s specialty and just because you can’t unclog your drain doesn’t mean it’s a big issue. Professional’s like us have the proper equipment to unclog and open a stubborn drain line.

No matter if it’s a main sewer line with tree roots, grease, or a kitchen sink with grease and a tomato that never should have went down the drain we have the proper equipment to open the job and get it done.

Clogged Plugged Residential Kitchen Sink

Clogged Plugged Residential Kitchen Sink

Clogged Plugged Residential Kitchen Sink

Not only do we get daily phone calls about unclogging residential kitchen sink lines, but we also get those emergency type clogged kitchen sink lines. What do I mean by that?

People consider nights, weekends & holidays an emergency time. Meaning when anything goes wrong during those three times it starts a panic attack. So, how do you prevent that panic from occurring?

First of all try and think about what the real situation at hand is. Figure out how severe is this issue in your home. If you main sewer line is clogged and you have guests over and your with no use of your toilets that’s more of an emergency then if your kitchen sink is clogged.

No matter what the issue is with drain cleaning and clogged plumbing it’s never a fun issue to ever have or experience. Keep in mind old or newer homes they all have issues and they all get clogged, plugged, backed up, slow flowing drain lines and clogged plumbing. There is no place that is perfect. And remember when it comes to family and an issue goes wrong try and breathe and know that the issue will get resolved in a timely, professional manner.

Main Sewer Line Clean-Out Outside

Having a main sewer line clean out can cause stress relief.

Outside Main Sewer Line Clean-out. Tree roots

Outside Main Sewer Line Clean-out. Tree roots

Outside opening’s are better for keeping the mess outside your home. Sewer and drain cleaning isn’t entirely clean but having an outside opening will keep the mess outside while cleaning. Backed up lines can still cause a major headache inside your home though cause once a sewer line is clogged the back up will come up in your basement. Every year we’re getting more and more clients to having preventative maintenance done on their sewer line before any issues arises. Also, there are clients that wan to take the extra step and view the condition of their sewer line so they have us camera inspect their line.

Keep in mind preventative maintenance will cause less headache and more time to have fun outside your home and not tend to a flooded basement.

Larger Bathroom Sink Faucets

Some people like to have room under a faucet to fill buckets or whatever else.

Bathroom sink faucet

Bathroom sink faucet

It’s always good to have room and not be in tight spaces.

Wordless Wednesday!

Men's Bathroom Urinals

Men’s Bathroom Urinals

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