Emergency Service – Drain Cleaning – Camera Inspection – Hydro Jetting


Ever wonder to yourself when your next drain cleaning emergency will be?

Ever think to yourself “how can I prevent a main sewer line from backing up in my house?

Well these answers aren’t always able to be predicted. What you can do is MAINTENANCE, MAINTENANCE, MAINTENANCE

Hiawatha Sewer Service is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for your help


Performing maintenance on your main sewer line will be beneficial to you. Cleaning out your sewer system once a year depending on the condition of your line is important. Our company schedules appointments and calls your yearly so you never even have to remember. “I mean honestly who thinks about their main sewer line”. Once we clean your line will know where your problem spots are and what your should do to maintenance that area.

Sewer lines that need further attention like excavation still need cleaning year after year.

What do we consider a drain cleaning emergency?

2. Main Sewer Line Back-up
3. Sewage Back-up
4. Toilet clogged & overflowing

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