Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to annually clean out your sewer line?

Tree roots grow and get worse with time. Digging and any vibrations near by will shift or crack your sewer line. By professionally maintaining your sewer line yearly and cleaning out the tree roots from your sewer system you will slow down the process if root growth. Roots can and will break ones sewer system.

Q. Do Unused Drains Dry Up and Get Clogged Inside?
A. Yes, drain pipes do dry out and get real rough if not used for a
period of time. All drains need water to flow through them.

Q. Should I turn my main water valve off when I leave town?
A. Turning off your main water valve when leaving town for any extended length of time is a good idea. Especially during the cold winter months. Just in case one of your pipes decides to spring a leak.

Q: Where do I find the main water shut-off valve in my home in case of an emergency?
A: The main water shut-off valve is located normally in the lower level of a property. If you have trouble finding your main water shut-off valve source contact a plumber before it’s to late. This valve like most others should be labeled so all people living in the property know how/where to turn off the water. In case of any emergency water leak it’s a good idea to be aware.

Q: How often should I have my main sewer line cleaned?
A: If your property has had a previous issue we recommend you clean the sewer line annually. See if the line is getting worse if very important before you get unexpected excavation costs. If your line seems to never have issues we recommend cleaning the floor drain and main sewer line every 15 months on preventative maintenance. Scale and other hard debris flows through your sewer system and hardens over time. Giving the walls of your sewer pipe a good scrapping is always beneficial when owning property.

Q: Does your company offer preventative maintenance plans on drain lines?
A: Yes, our company offers any maintenance plan that is needed for each individual drain. Cleaning drains on maintenance typically keeps the cost down as well.

Q: Does your company use hand snakes or motorized snakes to clean drain lines?
A: Our company only uses motorized snakes.

Q: What is Hydro-Jetting?
A: Cleaning your drain lines with extreme water pressure. This service is not like any other service and has to be performed by a professional. Most common times hydro-jetting is needed is in commercial buildings and restaurants that use grease.

Q: Our sewer line is clogged up, should we have it snaked or jetted?
A: Unless your drain line is known for needing to be jetted you always start by snaking. Jetting costs are double and triple the price of power snaking. 95% of all drain lines only need to be snaked.

Q: Why does my garbage disposal always clog up in my home?
A: Most users put items down garbage disposals that their units can’t handle. If your having problems often hire a plumber to install a waste disposal (garbage disposal) with more horse power.

Q: How do we know what faucet to buy and will fit where the existing one sits?
A: Make sure you measure the distance between the handles. It’s either going to be 4 or 8 inch spread. If you buy the wrong faucet it won’t fit unless you replace the sink as well.

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