is a U-, S-, or J-shaped pipe located under a plumbing fixture. Most common found in homes is called a P-trap.

Packing Nut
Hold the stem and packing material of the faucet in place.

A flame kept continually burning and used to light burners on household appliances.

Pipe Dope
Used to apply around threads on a pipe to create a watertight seal. Also can use a product called teflon tape.

Refers to the slope of the drain in which water runs through.

Plumber’s Putty
Is a generic term for a plastic material similar in texture to clay or dough typically used in domestic construction and repair as a sealant or filler.

Used to retain water in a sink or tub.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
Is the third most widely produced plastic, after polyethylene and polypropylene.[2] PVC is widely used in construction because it is durable, cheap, and easily worked.

A reducer allows for a change in pipe size to meet hydraulic flow requirements of the system, or to adapt to existing piping of a different size. Reducers are usually concentric but eccentric reducers are used when required to maintain the same top- or bottom-of-pipe level.

Public Sewer
A domain where all Sewage is collected into one system and then controlled by the city.

Saddle Valve
A valve mounted on a pipe run by a clamping device, or fitting that taps into the side of a pipe, used to make quick connection to an existing line to provide a water supply for a low-demand device.

Sanitary Sewer
Is a separate underground carriage system specifically for transporting sewage from houses and commercial buildings to treatment or disposal.

A bath in which the water is sprayed on the bather in fine streams from a showerhead, usually secured overhead.

Lines that feeds outside water.

Pipe which is passed through a wall for the purpose of inserting another pipe through it.

To make a solder connection, a chemical flux is applied to the inner sleeve of a sleeve type joint, and the pipe is inserted. The joint is then heated using a propane torch or MAPP gas torch, solder is applied to the heated joint, and the melted solder is drawn into the joint by capillary action as the flux vaporizes.

I term for a shutoff underneath any fixture that hooks to the supply line (example: toilets, sink & more).

Storm Drain
A drain or drain system is designed to drain excess rain and ground water from paved streets, parking lots, sidewalks, and roofs.

Fixture that has the Ballcock, flapper and overflow tube inside. This is what makes the toilet flush. I lid is placed on top on chamber to secure nothing foreign falls inside.

A tee is the most common pipe fitting. It is available with all female thread sockets, all solvent weld sockets, or with opposed solvent weld sockets and a side outlet with female threads. It is used to either combine or split a fluid flow. It is a type of pipe fitting which is T-shaped having two outlets, at 90° to the connection to the main line. It is a short piece of pipe with a lateral outlet. A tee is used for connecting pipes of different diameters or for changing the direction of pipe runs. They are made of various materials and available in various sizes and finishes.

Teflon Tape
Used to wrap around threaded pipe to create a watertight seal. Also can use a product called Pipe dope.

A bathroom fixture consisting of a bowl, usually with a detachable, hinged seat and lid, and a device for flushing with water, used for defecation and urination.

Curved section of drain line that prevents sewer odors from escaping into the atmosphere. All fixtures that have drains must have a “P” trap installed. A toilet is the only plumbing fixture with an “S” trap.

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