Speedy Sweep

$149 for one unit
Deals Available for Larger Quantities:
90 minute battery life
3 pounds
Easy to clean pet brush attachment
more details below

1 YEAR WARRANTY = will keep it working
90 Minute Battery life = no other competitor compares
Battery recharges the same way as a cell phone.
Weights 3 Pounds only = no more back pain
Great on ALL surfaces
easy On/Off switch with foot
Has special PET attachment, no hassle to clean
Cordless Sweeper = No worries about liability of customers tripping
Adjustable Handle
Number One seller, millions sold
Wall mount attachment
By using this sweeper it will make your floors last longer
The Speedy Sweep with pick up dirt, rock, crayons, pens, lego’s, nails, screws and much MORE.

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