Fix a LEAK week!

The day has finally come where that annoying faucet, toilet or any other water source in your home is dripping or making noise. Do you know the average house wastes 10,000 gallons of water a year. Over 1 Trillion gallons in the world. Let’s stop wasting precious water. When your faucet drips and or toilet runs your spending a lot of unnecessary money. Let’s spend our money smart for gifts for loved ones and food for our families. Call Ken’s Sewer Service today and let’s put a stop to that pesky leak.

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Plumbing terms are important to know

What is a Valve?
Valve is equipment designed to stop or regulate flow of any fluid (liquid, gas, condensate, stem, slurry etc.) in its path.

It’s important to have a valve on every fixture in your home in case of a leak. Leaks aren’t always the easiest and friendliest to repair. People think plumbing is straight forward and anyone can replace anything. What people don’t know is the damage plumbing can cause. Leave any professional work to the service men that train and are knowledgeable in their field of excellence. Look around your home at your sinks, toilets & tubs and make sure there’s a shut-off valve for each fixture. If not please call us today to help resolve your problems.

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