Wordless Wednesday

How to fix a scratched cast iron bathtub

Don’t panic when it comes to fixing a scratched bathtub. Before crying and telling yourself it’s time to replace the entire bathtub try fixing it first. When replacing a bathtub damage to the walls and floor are common and don’t be surprised when it happens. Be prepared for the worst. Make sure you budget right when it comes to replacing a bathtub. Hope the link below helps, if not ask friends and family if they ever have come across this problem. Make sure to call a plumber when taking out a bathtub. Making sure all the plumbing is in order and not damaged during the demolition.


Don’t mess around when it comes to a leak

Stop a leak before it becomes to serious. Stop playing around with plumbing and hire a professional. We see everyday people trying to fix it themselves and 90% of the time they just make the problem worse off. Which also is more expensive to repair in the end. It’s important to check your home in the basement a couple times a week and make sure everything is dry.


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