What is a Soil Stack?

Another name for a soil stack is called the main stack line which serves purpose for removing water and waste from the entire house.

Soil Stack

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Are your water bills to high??

This week our company serviced a client that had over a $500 water bill due to a running toilet. It’s important to be aware of everything that goes on in and around your property. Making sure your toilets are working perfect and not running when your not around and checking for drippy faucets it important to saving money. I have friends and clients that don’t think wasting water will be a huge expense but they find out eventually when the city water bill is due. Make sure to be smart and proactive when dealing with your property.

Running water uselessly can add up to hundreds of dollars if not watched. Any runny toilet of drippy faucet can add up more then you expect. Hire a plumber and a plumbing companies that lives near your house. Don’t get stuck paying high truck fees for service companies that come from far away. Mot larger “big named” plumbing companies around the twin cities area charge over $50 just to come out and say hi. We understand if there’s a $5-$15 truck charge but get pay anymore.

Our company has great serviceman and we specialize in so much more then the bigger named companies. Today we stopped a customers running toilet that if he would have hired the wrong company could of had a bill over $400 to repair the inside guts of a toilet.

Hiawatha Plumbing is here for you when you need us. We give great advice and like dealing with customers. We enjoy helping clients and solving problems the best way possible.

Feminine Products Retrieved from Sewer Line


Sewer lines aren’t meant to handle everything you flushing down your drains. Be smart when it comes to flushing.

What wrong here?

St Louis Park Plumbers are here to help you in case of problems like this.

Next time you have a plumbing issue in St. Louis park, MN call us. We’ve been around and seen many type of jobs.

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