Fun Tuesday!

These are sod roots we pulled out of one of our clients.
We pull these kind of roots out everyday from clients sewer lines.

Wordless Wednesday

Don’t let looks deceive you!

It’s very interested when we see pedestal sinks. Most of the time when we go into a clients home we ask them the question why did you choose to have a pedestal sink installed instead of a vanity style sink. The answer most the time is, they like the sleek look to them and they also keep from having extra clutter around. What we find funny is, most of the time when people have pedestal sinks they end up storing bottles of cleaning supplies around the base of the unit. Having products stored around the base just takes away all the appeal of the sink. So we ask them again, where’s the sleek look? Most people like vanity style sinks so they can store all sorts of eye sore items out of view. Some pro’s of the pedestal sinks are that they come in many different looking styles that range from contemporary to Victorian, and the sink is 100% the focal point of the room. Some major con’s are that they don’t have any storage space and that they are very hard and time consuming to install, yet alone cleaning the sink once it clogs up. Always hire a professional to install a pedestal sink. Call us for estimates today.

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Looks don’t always beat practicality

Access Panel –
A removable opening in a wall or ceiling that allows you to access
plumbing or electrical without hassle.

Its important to have access to all plumbing in your home. Some people don’t like the look of access panels but they can be hidden and look nice at the same time. Once the plumbing starts to have problems you have no choice but to start putting whole into your walls and ceilings to find the source of the issue. Access panels don’t always have to look hideous. Most the time access panels are hidden in closets. Other times that’s not always the case. Here are some pictures of exposed access panels that look good and nobody with even comment. Having access to your plumbing is very imporant and remember looks don’t always beat practicality. Be smart when building and repairing these types of holes once the plumber is finished with the repair or installation. Hiawatha Plumbing is here for any service and help you may need.

How to fix a scratched cast iron bathtub

Don’t panic when it comes to fixing a scratched bathtub. Before crying and telling yourself it’s time to replace the entire bathtub try fixing it first. When replacing a bathtub damage to the walls and floor are common and don’t be surprised when it happens. Be prepared for the worst. Make sure you budget right when it comes to replacing a bathtub. Hope the link below helps, if not ask friends and family if they ever have come across this problem. Make sure to call a plumber when taking out a bathtub. Making sure all the plumbing is in order and not damaged during the demolition.

Copper Water Leaks.

Copper Water leaks can be easy to handle or a nightmare depending on when you catch them and decide to fix the problem. Couple things to you watch for on copper pipes. When you see them changing color to a blue or green you should replace that section of pipe. Some people think when you replace copper pipes you have to replace the entire line. Just so you people know, that’s not true at all. Whenever you see a pin hole leak make sure you know where your main water shut off valve is. Then turn your house water off and call a plumber ASAP. Houses can be fun and enjoyable to live in, but by ignoring the major problems, it can turn owning a house into a nightmare.

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