Is it smart to camera inspect your sewer line?

Every so often it’s a good idea to have a professional company take a peek inside your sewer line. Years and years and build up accumulate in your sewer line and harden to the walls of your sewer pipe. Each year it’s recommended to clean out your sewer line with a professional machine (not the machines you can just rent). Having a professional work on a cavity is the same as having a plumbing or drain cleaner work on your drain. Your sewer line and your main exit feed for all debris from your house to the city main. If you sewer has any dips, back pitches and separations that will prevent debris from getting to the main city tap.
Having your main sewer line looked at professionally with a camera will tell you the entire story. Cleaning is step #1 but putting a camera in and seeing the entire picture is step #2. By cleaning your main sewer line once a year you may prevent having to go to step #3 and #4 which include excavation.
Call Hiawatha Plumbing for all drain and plumbing questions and of course help on cleaning your line the right way.
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Plumbing terms are important to know

What is a Valve?
Valve is equipment designed to stop or regulate flow of any fluid (liquid, gas, condensate, stem, slurry etc.) in its path.

It’s important to have a valve on every fixture in your home in case of a leak. Leaks aren’t always the easiest and friendliest to repair. People think plumbing is straight forward and anyone can replace anything. What people don’t know is the damage plumbing can cause. Leave any professional work to the service men that train and are knowledgeable in their field of excellence. Look around your home at your sinks, toilets & tubs and make sure there’s a shut-off valve for each fixture. If not please call us today to help resolve your problems.

Don’t mess around when it comes to a leak

Stop a leak before it becomes to serious. Stop playing around with plumbing and hire a professional. We see everyday people trying to fix it themselves and 90% of the time they just make the problem worse off. Which also is more expensive to repair in the end. It’s important to check your home in the basement a couple times a week and make sure everything is dry.

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