What do tree roots look like in sewer lines

Tree roots can and will severely damage your pipe if you don’t maintain your line professionally.


Maple Grove MN 24 hour drain cleaning plumbing service.

This week alone we have encountered home owners trying to unclogged their sewer lines themselves. not only are they using the wrong cable sizes and machines but they lost cables down their sewer lines as well. Losing a cable down ones sewer line is a huge mistake. Not only can that cable cause excavation work if not retrieved but it can also clog up your drain often. Hiring a professionally drain and sewer cleaning company from the start is the way to go. Stop having all these not needed headaches in life.
Rule one: If you don’t clean sewer for a living day to day, don’t think you know what your doing. There are honest companies that want to help you and not take advantages. We have countless clients who rely on us and trust us. Being around since 1947 we have earned clients trust and service.
Hiawatha Plumbing handles drain cleaning and plumbing repairs. We handle plumbing installations and unclogging any drain. Residential or Commercial Hiawatha Plumbing can help you.
We unclog Kitchen sink, shower, laundry tubs, main sewer lines, floor drains, bathroom sinks and tubs, toilets, garage drains, pools drains and any other drain.
Hiawatha Plumbing Repairs and installs any plumbing fixture.
Stop hiring the big name companies that are gonna charge you an arm and a leg. Hire a smaller company that goes beyond the work they need to do and treats you right with the price.

Can I have roots in my sewer line if I have no tree’s?

The bottom line about roots is that they spread and go in every which direction. It’s true, roots from that big maple tree across the street will eventually grow roots in your sewer line. The only way to remove roots from your sewer line is to maintain cleaning once a year. Just like going to the dentist or doctor your sewer line needs attention as well. Roots grow in almost every sewer line.
When it comes time to replace your sewer line roots will grow through your new PVC pipe eventually. Where ever there’s flowing water roots will find a way to reach that point. Annual cleaning will reduce the amount of root growth and control further shifting of the pipe. People that are lucky enough and don’t have roots in their sewer line should still clean their sewer line every eighteen months. Sludge, debris and much more that we throw down our own pipes builds ups and clogs the sewer. Ever wonder where is goes? Think again it all goes through that one pipe to the city main.
Having a professional drain technician clean your line with blades will scrap all the debris and scale that builds up and hardens around your pipe. Scale closes up the circumference of your pipe over time. Waiting until your basement floods, ruining your personal possessions, and backs up, can mean your pipe has been damaged already. Having a damaged pipe might mean more costly and repair work might be necessary. Hire a company that’s been around over thirty five years. Call Hiawatha Plumbing and set up an appointment for cleaning today!

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