Wasting water in your home could cost you hundreds

3,000 – 8,000 of water is wasted each year due to one drip per second. Normally your faucet and or toilet can just be repaired by your local plumber instead of installing a new plumbing fixture. If not familiar with plumbing their are several parts inside the faucet that stops it from dripping. Same goes for toilets. Each and every faucet has different parts but all the parts act and do the same. Toilets as well have several internal parts that stop the toilet from running and also make sure enough water is flushed per use.

Plumbers were only created due to the difficulty of installing and repairing fixtures. If plumbing were easy, we’d all do it. Having the right skill, tools and knowledge is very important when you try and tackle any project. But with plumbing if you don’t have the proper tools you’ll end up, soaked.

Before the plumber arrives the only step you can try doing is turning off the water.

Enjoy the fact that plumbers are around and that were just a phone call away.

Hiawatha Plumbing looks forward to hearing from you with your next plumbing or drain cleaning issue.

Don’t let your next water bill sky-high be proactive today.

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