Do tree roots ruin sewer lines?


Weather your new to home ownership or have been a homeowner for several years or decades people always tend to forget about their plumbing and drain cleaning. When the average person uses water in their home they don’t think about where that water and debris actually ends up. Well let me tell you a secret most the debris ends up in the city sewer and gets carried miles and miles away from your home but then there’s the debris that gets stuck in your sanitary sewer line and hardens to the walls. Every house, office building, shopping center, hospital, school and any other location needs to have their drain lines cleaned out. Lots of people who have encountered a flood actually sign up on our maintenance program. Having a flooded property is no pretty sight.

Sanitary main sewer lines need regular cleaning just like getting your car a oil change, or going to scrap your dirty teeth at the dentist. If your one that chooses to wait to clean your drain lines when they clog up your likely to have major repair cost down the line.

If your having any issues or want maintenance on your drain lines call us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

Larger Bathroom Sink Faucets

Some people like to have room under a faucet to fill buckets or whatever else.

Bathroom sink faucet

Bathroom sink faucet

It’s always good to have room and not be in tight spaces.

Main Sewer Line Tree Roots

We can’t stress en enough that tree roots grow in sewer lines and they should be cleaned out before a backed up line occurs.

Main Sewer Line Tree Roots

Main Sewer Line Tree Roots

Main sewer lines have tree roots that grow all year round and cutting them out is just like taking your car in for an oil change or getting yourself a haircut. Just because you don’t see an issue doesn’t mean it’s not happening and not causing a major problem. Drain and sewer cleaning should be thought about and scheduled just like anything else you plan in life.

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Hiawatha Plumbing Drain & Sewer – serving Minneapolis, St. Paul and surrounding suburbs since 1974. Our company has a strong passion for being reliable, professional, trustworthy and honest. Being in such a competitive business we have to go beyond what other companies offer to stand out. Providing both residential and commercial plumbing and drain cleaning services, our technicians have the knowledge and ability to provide you with top notch service and code made decisions. Our service man have many common parts stocked in their vehicles. Hiawatha Plumbing Drain & Sewer is a St. Louis Park, MN Plumbing company you can trust and rely on.
Weather your experiencing a leaky faucet or a clogged up drain, when you call Hiawatha Plumbing Drain & Sewer your local St. Louis Park plumbing professional, you’ll know your getting the job done right the first time.

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Plumbing is a 24 hour business but not all problems need to be addressed at 2 AM. When your undergoing your next plumbing emergency call your local plumber and make sure you actually need service at 2 AM. Remember most companies will charge more after hours and by waiting you can save hundreds of dollars. Here at Hiawatha Plumbing Drain & Sewer we treat you right and talk through the issue your having. After understanding what the real plumbing problem is, we then set up the right time to come out and handle your plumbing or drain cleaning issue.

Our services are fair and affordable for everyone’s budget. Being in the drain & sewer business for decades, we emphasize preventative maintenance on sewer line cleaning, and send all our customers an annual reminder.

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Drain + Clog + Flooded Basement

Almost every time our company goes out to unclog a sewer pipe this is what we find inside them.

Minneapolis MN Main Sewer Line Clogged

Minneapolis MN Main Sewer Line Clogged

Roots are the number one cause of clogged sewer lines. Sure offset lines and broken areas here and there don’t help but roots will always grow in. No matter if you have an old pipe going to the city sewer or a new PVC pipe roots always find their way to water.

Call Hiawatha Plumbing to clean your line yearly before a flooded basement happens. A sewer back is no joke and is not fun or easy to clean up depending how far it gets into your basement. Finished basement should even have more concern. Save money and clean before your calling for emergency service.

Wordless Wednesday!

Feminine Products Retrieved from Sewer Line


Sewer lines aren’t meant to handle everything you flushing down your drains. Be smart when it comes to flushing.

Drain cleaning and clean out drain covers

Drain covers that are old sometimes have to be broken off at times to gain access to unclog drains. Drain covers are all replaceable and easy to get a hold of.

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Next time your under going a drain cleaning project call Hiawatha Plumbing of all questions and services.
Hiawatha Plumbing handles all types of drain cleaning and plumbing repairs.
Working the entire Minneapolis St. Paul Metro Area. Are prices are affordable and won’t break your wallet like some of the bigger named companies. Our technicians are all experienced and work on drains each and every day.
Hire a company that services drain cleaning and has a great reputations.
Our company know has camera technology so in case we need to inspect your line, were equipped.

Ever wonder why your toilet clogs so easily?

There are several reasons why toilets get clogged. The number one reason is miss use from the user of the toilet.

Most the time toilets just get clogged with to much toilet paper. Other times we pull out objects and on some severe cases we have to actually pull the toilet and run the line 100ft to release the tight clog. What any user of any toilet needs to understand is that toilets aren’t as powerful as you hoped.
In some commercial stores where they have power flushing toilets, you can abuse and put down more debris. You have to understand that power flushing toilets as well get clogged. Remember, if a toilet is made not to clog it will have other issues like leaking and having to have parts replaced more often.
Call Hiawatha Plumbing to help you unclog, or install any toilet.
CALL (612) 722-1990
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Replacing a drum trap to a PVC P-trap

Stop living with leaks and start living leak free.

Lets just start off and say drum traps were a terrible design. Most the time bathtubs would get clogged after the drum trap. Cleaning the drain though the drum trap would create headaches with broken pipes and drum trap covers that wouldn’t recreate a tight seal. It’s important to have that tight seal because otherwise the water would leak out from the drum trap cover. As drum traps got older and older plumbers started to slowly replace them with PVC p-traps. PVC was discovered in the 1800’s but never really used until the 1900’s. PVC is known to be stronger then cast iron and galvanized pipes. PVC has it’s own issues flaws as well. For instance if you install PVC in a very cold space make sure you insulate properly just in case.
P-traps are now what every new house installs. Even though cast iron lasted over a hundred years, the bottom line is that PVC is cheaper and gets the job done faster.
My personal opinion is that we would still be using cast iron pipe if it weren’t so expensive and hard to install. Buy as every contractor knows it’s all about price and quality work.
Call Hiawatha Plumbing today to help you unclog, or install your bathtub p-trap.

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