Plumbing layout

All plumbing needs to properly be vented to work and at it’s finest. Sewer systems before city sewer was installed was on private septic tanks. The picture above shows you that it was basically a huge whole with a some kind of container to hold and contain all of the debris. Over time when pipes inside the septic tank fell or broke all plumbers did to repair the issue was feed a new pipe threw the septic system instead of removing septic tank itself.
Septic tanks are very heavy and there’s no need to dispose of them.
Next time you discover a back up in your basement call Hiawatha Plumbing. Weather there’s water on your basement floor or not so nice smelling stuff call Hiawatha Plumbing and will take care of you and get you draining again.
Most houses have roots and need cleaning once a year.

Wonder what happened in this planning?

When building a room for any plumbing fixtures make sure you plan it big enough.

Severe Thunderstorms = Heavy Rains

Make sure after every heavy rain storm you check your basement floor making sure it’s dry. Heavy rains can cause backed up sewer line and a tremendous mess. Make sure your sump pump is running and pumping water if you have one in your home. Don’t assume your plumbing systems is just working. Things break down all the time in life when you least expect it to. Debris from a storm that is thrown into the sewer and large amounts of water can also cause major back-ups and flooding in your home.
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Call Hiawatha Plumbing today to set up maintenance on your sewer line so this problem doesn’t happen to you while your at work or worse yet out of town. We see flooded and ruined finished basements all the time. DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU.

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