Why Do Floor Drains Clog?

Floor Drain Clogged With Sediment

Floor Drain Clogged With Sediment

Don’t think “what you don’t see, can’t affect us”. Wrong…

Drain & sewer cleaning is a perfect example of this. We only see and notice what we put down our drains and most we notice. Everything we use goes down our drains and over a period of time ends up clogging them up. When you encounter a clogged drain call Hiawatha Sewer Service right away, let us get your drains flowing properly and in a timely manner. Our equipment is state of the art and always keep our machinery in tip top condition. Drain & sewer cleaning we know gets frustrating at times, especially when it’s at night, on a weekend, or when your having company over. We have several clients who choose to be on our maintenance program where we clean a drain before it clogs up. We also understand some clogs are unpredictable but we’re here for you every step of the way. Trust a company that’s been around for generations and continues to grow in our community.

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A main line stoppage is the ultimate drain clog that will cause all of your plumbing to back up. More…

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