The wonders of double sinks

The luxury life of having a double bathroom sink.
10% off installation

There is so many different style bathroom sinks to choose from, but if you have room and can afford a double bathroom sink you shouldn’t hesitate to install one. There are so many pro’s that out way any con to having a double sink. The only con’s that come to my mind is that it’s more expensive to purchase and install.
Hire the right plumber who knows how to plumb the underneath pipes.
Hiawatha Plumbing would be glad to help you for a fair and affordable cost for anyone.
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Are you keeping up on drain cleaning?

What the average homeowner doesn’t realize is that keeping up on drain cleaning is very important just like anything else in the home. When experiencing a clogged or slow drain never put down any home-made or store bought chemicals down your drains. Cleaning out your main line annually will keep the line in tact for many years to come. Cleaning other drains in your home will keep the lines wide open and they won’t close up on you. If you let hard crust build up on any pipes you will be replacing that pipe and will cost you more money then just having them cleaned annually.
Call Hiawatha Plumbing today to have your lines cleaned and inspected by one of are technicians.
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