Floor drain can be good and bad

Floor drains get clogged and plugged up from time to time. It’s smart to clean them out on maintenance before any issues arise.

Floor Drain unclogged

Floor Drain unclogged

Having a clogged floor drain at the wrong time can cause serious damage or flooding. For example: if a floor drain gets clogged up and your water softener discharges it will flood your basement. We have been in several homes each week that have wet basements due to clogged drains. Preventing drain clogs is easy and just takes time to schedule an appointment with the professionals.

Call Hiawatha Plumbing today to get your drains unclogged before any issues arise and cause major unnecessary expenses.

Toilet Shut-Off Leaking

Shut-Offs are important when needing to turn off a source of water or gas. Leaving for an extended vacation is a time you would use your shut-off valve. Having all shut-offs work at the time of matter is crucial. Most don’t work as they age. new shut-offs should be installed periodically.

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