Talkative Toilets?

When you think about the word noise, typically it could mean unwanted sound. Loud noise that disturb individuals may also be classified as noisy or unwanted sound. So what do I mean by “talkative toilets”?

Running leaking toilets

Running leaking toilets

When I refer to a talkative toilet, it’s a stubborn toilet that may run, that causes extra noise to be made. It may also increase your water bill sometimes without knowing. There are so many toilets on the market and each toilet normally has it’s own repair parts according to the brand. The toilet industry is ginormous and they keep making new toilets, that have new shapes, and new looking parts inside. So, next time you ask yourself what toilet should you buy that won’t make noise, the answer is they all end up making noise and they all are in need of repair someday. The more expensive toilet doesn’t mean you won’t have issues.

If your toilet is “talkative”, or if your toilet has some kind of leak call Hiawatha Plumbing today and schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!

Average cost for having your main line jetted

Jetting is a high end service you may not even need. There are some cases where jetting is good to perform but most the time isn’t needed. Residential homes normally don’t need jetting if their line has been maintained. Most people that have their line jetted is because the company cleaning your line said you need it. Jetting should be used for frozen sewer lines and greasy lines. Even greasy lines once jetted can be maintained with cable snake cleaning. The average cost for jetting is double the price of cabling a sewer line and sometimes companies just say you need to jet so they can make more money. Unless your 100% certain you need to have you sewer line jetted you should always start cleaning your line with cable snake drain cleaning. 99% of sewer line get opened with snake cleaning. Jetting can cost anywhere from $200-$500 per hour. It’s a very expensive and extensive job.
Make sure you need jetting before hiring someone to jet.
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