Experiencing slow flushing toilets in your home?

If your experiencing more than one toilet in your home that is flushing slow, it’s now time to consider having your main sewer line cleaned. Having a partially clogged sewer line will reduce the flow that can get through. Having your main sewer line cleaned regularly can only benefit you. Having your sewer line cleaned is just as important as seeing your doctor or going to your yearly teeth cleaning. It’s important to keep up on everything before it’s to late. Going to your dentist annually will hopefully keep you from getting cavities.
We witness way to many disasters with sewage backing up in clients homes. You never know when it’s your sewer, that is days from ruining everything on your basement floor. Get your sewer line cleaned with Hiawatha Plumbing today. Having your line cleaned on a maintenance plan will save you money in the future, plus you won’t ever have to worry about back ups on weekends, nights or holidays.

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Don’t let looks deceive you!

It’s very interested when we see pedestal sinks. Most of the time when we go into a clients home we ask them the question why did you choose to have a pedestal sink installed instead of a vanity style sink. The answer most the time is, they like the sleek look to them and they also keep from having extra clutter around. What we find funny is, most of the time when people have pedestal sinks they end up storing bottles of cleaning supplies around the base of the unit. Having products stored around the base just takes away all the appeal of the sink. So we ask them again, where’s the sleek look? Most people like vanity style sinks so they can store all sorts of eye sore items out of view. Some pro’s of the pedestal sinks are that they come in many different looking styles that range from contemporary to Victorian, and the sink is 100% the focal point of the room. Some major con’s are that they don’t have any storage space and that they are very hard and time consuming to install, yet alone cleaning the sink once it clogs up. Always hire a professional to install a pedestal sink. Call us for estimates today.

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