Edina MN Drain Cleaning

Understanding drain lines isn’t always as easy as it may seem. Just cause you come across a clogged drains doesn’t mean it’s going to always be an easy fix. Some are some aren’t. Drain lines that may get clogged in your home or business are:
Sanitary Main Sewer Lines
Floor Drains
Branch Lines
Kitchen & Bath Sinks
Laundry Tubs
Exterior Drains
Garage Drains
Area & Yard drain and many many more!

All drain lines get clogged in different ways. Some get clogged from overuse, some from misuse and abuse. A kitchen sink may get clogged from just use over a period of time or after a large family gathering and having lots of debris put down your garbage disposal or drain line.

Bathroom drain lines get clogged from hair, soap, tooth paste, scum, grit, dirt, sand etc..
Laundry drain lines get clogged from lint, hair, paint and all sorts of grit.
Commercial drains and residential drain are different though they have the same purpose, to move all waste and debris from your drains and into where they tap into the city sewer line.

From time to time most our clients call us on maintenance to clean drains before they back up and get clogged and end up making a huge, smelly, gross mess in their home and/or business. Having maintenance done can give you a piece of mind.
Remember our plumbing and drain cleaning systems work round the clock even when your not using them. Water from condensate lines drain into your floor drains and cause trap and floor drain line to clog and cause a mess as well.

When in need of your next drain and sewer cleaning think of Hiawatha Sewer Service. We look forward to helping you get your drain lines flowing again and in a timely manner.

Talkative Toilets?

When you think about the word noise, typically it could mean unwanted sound. Loud noise that disturb individuals may also be classified as noisy or unwanted sound. So what do I mean by “talkative toilets”?

Running leaking toilets

Running leaking toilets

When I refer to a talkative toilet, it’s a stubborn toilet that may run, that causes extra noise to be made. It may also increase your water bill sometimes without knowing. There are so many toilets on the market and each toilet normally has it’s own repair parts according to the brand. The toilet industry is ginormous and they keep making new toilets, that have new shapes, and new looking parts inside. So, next time you ask yourself what toilet should you buy that won’t make noise, the answer is they all end up making noise and they all are in need of repair someday. The more expensive toilet doesn’t mean you won’t have issues.

If your toilet is “talkative”, or if your toilet has some kind of leak call Hiawatha Plumbing today and schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!

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