Feminine Products Retrieved from Sewer Line


Sewer lines aren’t meant to handle everything you flushing down your drains. Be smart when it comes to flushing.

Drain Cleaning Sewer Augers for sale

Our company Hiawatha Plumbing sells Augers for snaking out toilets. Don’t let another day go buy with a clogged toilet. Hiring a plumber is great but if the clog is in the toilet try purchasing an auger first and give it a shot. If their is an object lodged into the toilet you may have to call a plumbing company or if the clog is further then 6 feet but first try this.
Call Hiawatha Plumbing company for the purchase of a 3 or 6 foot auger.
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Garbage Disposals

Our company installs, removes, and sells 1/2 horse power Badger garbage disposals. If you have a larger horse power garbage disposal installed now and are looking to replace it, make sure you keep the same size. You will not be satisfied if you go down a horse power level.
Call Hiawatha Plumbing to install or repair your garbage disposal.
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Winter plumbing check list?

Make sure before the winter months and the ground freezes you mark where all your drain clean outs in your yard are. You never know when that unexpected drain clog will happen. Don’t forget to mark the clean outs before it’s to late. If you don’t have any outside clean outs make sure you drain your outside exterior sillcocks/hose bibs. If they freeze and break they will need to be replaced in the Spring.

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