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Bathtub Waste & Overflow

Automatic is the way to go!

Ever wonder why public restrooms now have automatic senors on almost everything in the bathroom? Let’s see if we can figure out the pro’s to having sensors. Let’s start off with talking about the toilet. Sensors on toilets came in handy when people thought it was OK not flush anymore. People can be absolutely disgusting and rude. Toilets were the first item to get sensors. Automatic sink sensors came around cause people thought it would be ok to leave water on after there done washing. People take water for granted and don’t realize that water costs money. One day if were not careful water will run dry. We all know soap can get messy if not contained. No one likes to clean up soap messes. It’s nice having the right amount of soap dispensed in one’s hand. Last but not least is having a towel dispenser that’s an automatic feed. I personally like the idea the having a limited amount of towel coming out at one time. Without sensors people take way to many and again is a waste of money and resources.

How to dry out your basement

If your basement feels damp having a dehumidifier running in the summer is a smart first step. Also, having extra fans is good but owning an air mover is the even faster way go about handling drying out your basement after you have flooded the carpet due to a sewage issue. The trick is getting the water out of your basement as fast as possible before mold and other issues can occur. Check out Hiawatha Plumbings vacuums page and call today to place an order.

Weekly Tip

Hire Hiawatha Plumbing today to install any horse power Garbage Disposal. The average disposal is installed for $109. Call for details. Complete plumbing needs are available.
Why have a Food Waste Disposer?

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