Replacing a drum trap to a PVC P-trap

Stop living with leaks and start living leak free.

Lets just start off and say drum traps were a terrible design. Most the time bathtubs would get clogged after the drum trap. Cleaning the drain though the drum trap would create headaches with broken pipes and drum trap covers that wouldn’t recreate a tight seal. It’s important to have that tight seal because otherwise the water would leak out from the drum trap cover. As drum traps got older and older plumbers started to slowly replace them with PVC p-traps. PVC was discovered in the 1800’s but never really used until the 1900’s. PVC is known to be stronger then cast iron and galvanized pipes. PVC has it’s own issues flaws as well. For instance if you install PVC in a very cold space make sure you insulate properly just in case.
P-traps are now what every new house installs. Even though cast iron lasted over a hundred years, the bottom line is that PVC is cheaper and gets the job done faster.
My personal opinion is that we would still be using cast iron pipe if it weren’t so expensive and hard to install. Buy as every contractor knows it’s all about price and quality work.
Call Hiawatha Plumbing today to help you unclog, or install your bathtub p-trap.

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Drain Cleaning Sewer Augers for sale

Our company Hiawatha Plumbing sells Augers for snaking out toilets. Don’t let another day go buy with a clogged toilet. Hiring a plumber is great but if the clog is in the toilet try purchasing an auger first and give it a shot. If their is an object lodged into the toilet you may have to call a plumbing company or if the clog is further then 6 feet but first try this.
Call Hiawatha Plumbing company for the purchase of a 3 or 6 foot auger.
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Wordless Wednesday!

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Wordless Wednesday!

Is your main sewer line clean out broken?

Having a broken clean out can be very disturbing. Many problems can occur from having a clean out that is broken. First off if the cover doesn’t have a tight seal sewer gas can get into your home. If you have sewer smell in your own contact a plumber immediately. Second, if your clean out doesn’t have a tight seal, animals that live in the sewers can easily get into your home. Some areas have large sized rats that live in your sewer. I don’t think it would be fun waking up or coming home from work one day to find rats roaming your house.
Bottom line is, if you have a cracked sewer line get it fixed asap. Call Hiawatha Plumbing to get started.

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