Things to know

There are some main keys to know while waiting for a plumber. First of all know where your main water shut-off valve is located. Second, know where your electrical box is located in case of an emergency. If your having a flood in a certain area on a specific fixture turn off the shut-off valve that goes with the fixture. If you don’t have a shut-off valve on that fixture have a plumber install one before it’s to late. If you can’t isolate a water leak locate the main water shut off valve and turn it off immediately. This doesn’t solve the problem but it will be the best thing to do before the professionals arrive. Have the plumbers help you locate all the shut-off valves and have some labels to make life easier in the future.

Ball Valve

Gate Valve

How to go about hiring a plumber

It is true that you must be careful when hiring a plumbing but don’t you have to also be careful when your hiring any worker that comes open hands into your home. Hiring an electrician and or Hvac company is just as important. Even though you say a plumber can “dictate whether your plumbing problem gets fixed or destroys your home” that isn’t always the case. I do agree that hiring an experienced plumber is the only way to go, but they have problems as well. I own a plumbing company and everyone that calls in thinks we work magic and everything will be fixed without problems. Customers think when they have a shower leak or any plumbing issue it can be handled without destroying the sheet rock or sometimes taking down some tile. The fact is every job is different and it depends which builders were smart enough to install access panels and opening that would in fact come in handy for plumbers. When going to hire a plumber, electrician, heating guy, painter, or even a roofer it doesn’t matter if they have been a master of their field for thirty years problems DO happen. People always seem to crack down when hiring a plumber, well it’s funny cause I always crack down when hiring an electrician or heating guy. I see all sorts of problems everyday and we handle them day in and day out. Thanks for writing a great article.

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