Test your house skills. Check out these fantastic styles

Can you guess the styles of these houses?


Don’t be frightened anymore….

Also, rats from time to time get into your broken sewer lines. Rats can also come up in your basement toilet bowls. Make sure to keep your lids down. Have you sewer line inspected by the professional today. Call Hiawatha Plumbing and get your rat issue handled today.


What faucet should i buy?

When purchasing a faucet remember that price isn’t always the top seller. A faucet that costs more doesn’t mean its gonna last longer or be more practical for your daily use. As a plumber we go in many homes and see many different types of useless faucets. I’ve asked many of my clients, why did you purchase that specific faucet? Every time they answer they say “because we liked what it looked like”.


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