What do tree roots look like in sewer lines

Tree roots can and will severely damage your pipe if you don’t maintain your line professionally.


Maple Grove MN 24 hour drain cleaning plumbing service.

This week alone we have encountered home owners trying to unclogged their sewer lines themselves. not only are they using the wrong cable sizes and machines but they lost cables down their sewer lines as well. Losing a cable down ones sewer line is a huge mistake. Not only can that cable cause excavation work if not retrieved but it can also clog up your drain often. Hiring a professionally drain and sewer cleaning company from the start is the way to go. Stop having all these not needed headaches in life.
Rule one: If you don’t clean sewer for a living day to day, don’t think you know what your doing. There are honest companies that want to help you and not take advantages. We have countless clients who rely on us and trust us. Being around since 1947 we have earned clients trust and service.
Hiawatha Plumbing handles drain cleaning and plumbing repairs. We handle plumbing installations and unclogging any drain. Residential or Commercial Hiawatha Plumbing can help you.
We unclog Kitchen sink, shower, laundry tubs, main sewer lines, floor drains, bathroom sinks and tubs, toilets, garage drains, pools drains and any other drain.
Hiawatha Plumbing Repairs and installs any plumbing fixture.
Stop hiring the big name companies that are gonna charge you an arm and a leg. Hire a smaller company that goes beyond the work they need to do and treats you right with the price.

Camera inspect your sewer line

You might ask why is it so important to camera your sewer line. From time to time sewer lines shift and may fall apart or be separating slowly. Viewing your sewer line and looking inside the line will tell you so much about your line. You’ll learn what kind of pipe your sewer line is made of. You will find out how your sewer line got put together. You’ll find out where the root growth is coming from. Seeing inside your pipe will give you peace of mind if anything.
Call Hiawatha Plumbing for all your camera and cleaning needs.
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Dual Flush Toilets Pros and Cons

Some countries make dual flush toilet mandatory. Dual toilets are also known as “Green” toilets. These toilets flush no more then 1.6 gallons, compared to the standard toilets that flush 3.5 gallons. Most dual toilets are designed to use gravity to remove waste through a large trapway. Older toilets use pressure siphoning. The larger trapways are to reduce the amount of toilet clogs. The cost of the dual flushing toilets start at $250 and can go up to about four times the price. Dual toilets have a very modern look to them so they can match with a variety of bathroom styles. These toilets can be purchased in one or two piece sets.
Some cons to the dual flush toilets is that there harder to install. Each model is different and requires a professional plumber. These toilets also may require more cleaning due to the lower volume per flush. The buttons on the top of the unit may be confusing at first cause there not marked well. In most cases the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. A dual flush toilet in the long run will save you money on your water bill.

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Don’t look the other way when it comes to a plumbing leak

The key to mold control is moisture control. If mold is a problem in your home, you should clean up the mold promptly and fix the water problem.


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