Drain + Clog + Flooded Basement

Almost every time our company goes out to unclog a sewer pipe this is what we find inside them.

Minneapolis MN Main Sewer Line Clogged

Minneapolis MN Main Sewer Line Clogged

Roots are the number one cause of clogged sewer lines. Sure offset lines and broken areas here and there don’t help but roots will always grow in. No matter if you have an old pipe going to the city sewer or a new PVC pipe roots always find their way to water.

Call Hiawatha Plumbing to clean your line yearly before a flooded basement happens. A sewer back is no joke and is not fun or easy to clean up depending how far it gets into your basement. Finished basement should even have more concern. Save money and clean before your calling for emergency service.

Are roots growing in your sewer line?

Roots are the number one cause of sewer back ups.

The picture above shows a cable and blade out of a sewer line with roots wrapped around. This is what we want to prevent growing faster and ruining your sewer line.

Having for a clogged sewer line is never fun. Waiting to clean your sewer line until it plugs is not the right either to clean. Having your sewer line cleaned annually will benefit you most in the long run. Most every sewer line weather its made from clay, galvanized, or PVC all have roots in them. Cleaning the roots out yearly will slow down the process from you excavating your sewer line. Having a collapsed pipe is never fun to fix for any pocket book.

Call Hiawatha Plumbing for all sewer cleaning, video inspecting and digging needs.
Don’t get stuck with one of those high priced companies prices.
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What faucet should i buy?

When purchasing a faucet remember that price isn’t always the top seller. A faucet that costs more doesn’t mean its gonna last longer or be more practical for your daily use. As a plumber we go in many homes and see many different types of useless faucets. I’ve asked many of my clients, why did you purchase that specific faucet? Every time they answer they say “because we liked what it looked like”.


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