Tree Roots in your Sewer System

We can’t stress this enough to clean your sewer line. People who clean and maintain their sewer system end up better off in the long run. Everyday we’re cleaning sewer lines with massive tree roots that have punctured through and have destroyed their sewer lines.


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Larger Bathroom Sink Faucets

Some people like to have room under a faucet to fill buckets or whatever else.

Bathroom sink faucet

Bathroom sink faucet

It’s always good to have room and not be in tight spaces.

The Key Toilet

Ever wonder to yourself how to install a toilet properly?

Toilet flange bolts

Toilet flange bolts

In most cases installing a toilet isn’t easy. Take this picture above, the toilet flange/collar and bolts were broken once the older toilet was lifted from the ground. Now most the time this would be a super easy fix but honestly it never seems to be easy at all once you dig in and start repairing. Client call us up all the time in the middle off the project and say “we installed our toilet but now there’s leaking below what should we do”. Or something like “why does the toilet tank leak onto the ground”.

Now, just take a minute and step back from this situation and think. Ask yourself is this worth my time and energy to fix this myself? Most off the time homeowners that are DIY’ers (Do it yourself) try to repair and end up making the issue worse off then if they just would have called in the professional from the start. Meaning, the project now will end up costing more.

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Happy Father’s Day

Father's Day

Is it smart to camera inspect your sewer line?

Every so often it’s a good idea to have a professional company take a peek inside your sewer line. Years and years and build up accumulate in your sewer line and harden to the walls of your sewer pipe. Each year it’s recommended to clean out your sewer line with a professional machine (not the machines you can just rent). Having a professional work on a cavity is the same as having a plumbing or drain cleaner work on your drain. Your sewer line and your main exit feed for all debris from your house to the city main. If you sewer has any dips, back pitches and separations that will prevent debris from getting to the main city tap.
Having your main sewer line looked at professionally with a camera will tell you the entire story. Cleaning is step #1 but putting a camera in and seeing the entire picture is step #2. By cleaning your main sewer line once a year you may prevent having to go to step #3 and #4 which include excavation.
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