It’s Time to Examine Your Sewer Line

These tree roots that we removed and cleaned out from a clients sewer line backed up their line and flooded I good part of their basement. It’s one thing to have your sewer line backed up but it another to have your basement flood with raw sewage and feces.

Main Sewer Line Tree Roots

Main Sewer Line Tree Roots

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Happy Father’s Day

Father's Day

Replacing a broken floor drain grate in a commercial building

Sometimes finding odd sized floor drain covers is difficult.

Commercial Floor Drain Grate Broken

Commercial Floor Drain Grate Broken

Floor drain grate covers are crucial to have. The chance at letting a large object fall into a floor drain would end up costing thousands to retrieve. Even though some floor drains have back water balls and side plugs debris will find a way into the line. Grates over each and every floor drain is just smart and will end up saving you money in the long run.

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Thick roots retrieved from one of our sewer lines

We enjoy showing on our website roots that we extract from our clients sewer lines. This client in particular had another company telling him to excavate for thousands of dollars. This client ended up calling around and hired us to come out and try cleaning his line for a couple hours before digging was the only other option.

We ended up pulling huge roots in the size shown before. This line has been neglected and now will be maintained yearly. Roots damage sewer pipes and by cleaning yearly we slow down the root growth in your sewer line. Who has the money to excavate anyways?

root blog

Wordless Wednesday!

What wrong here?

St Louis Park Plumbers are here to help you in case of problems like this.

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Plumbing at it’s best!


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How can a carpenter not build a bathroom big enough for a toilet. Maybe this room was suppose to have a sliding door. Either way it’s always funny seeing silly mistakes with plumbing.
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