Sewage Roots

Most sewer lines need to be professional cleaned yearly, some more often. Depending on the condition of your sewer line will dictate how often your sewage systems needs cleaning.

Tree roots in main sewer line system

Tree roots in main sewer line system

Main sewer lines weather they’re made from cast iron, clay, oranegburg, or PVC all have tree roots that grow inside them. Sewer lines carry one thing that roots like and that’s water. Tree roots need water to grow and no matter what, they will find their way inside your sewer line to reach the water the need. Once roots get inside and crack or break your sewer line they need to be cleaned and maintained until excavation is needed. If properly cleaned and kept up with, excavation may be postponed for a long time.

Happy Father’s Day

Father's Day

The wonders of double sinks

The luxury life of having a double bathroom sink.
10% off installation

There is so many different style bathroom sinks to choose from, but if you have room and can afford a double bathroom sink you shouldn’t hesitate to install one. There are so many pro’s that out way any con to having a double sink. The only con’s that come to my mind is that it’s more expensive to purchase and install.
Hire the right plumber who knows how to plumb the underneath pipes.
Hiawatha Plumbing would be glad to help you for a fair and affordable cost for anyone.
Call us today for any questions. We look forward to hearing from you.
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When is the proper time to drain your outside hose bib

Winter is coming people. You know what that means, it’s time to drain all your outside faucets before they freeze and break. No one wants to mess with broken pipes after winter. If your not familiar with how to drain your outside water pipes call your local plumber today.
Call Hiawatha Plumbing today to set up service to drain your outside water sillcocks.
if by chance your outside hose bibs crack over winter. Call us today to repair your pipes and faucet.
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