Tree Roots in your Sewer System

We can’t stress this enough to clean your sewer line. People who clean and maintain their sewer system end up better off in the long run. Everyday we’re cleaning sewer lines with massive tree roots that have punctured through and have destroyed their sewer lines.


Clean! Clean! Clean! Your Sewer Line Today!

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Toilet Tank Debris?

Toilet Debris in Toilet Tank

Toilet Debris in Toilet Tank

What do we mean by “toilet tank debris”? Well, many think debris that is put down toilets or even maybe putting debris down that doesn’t belong. But, in this case we’re talking about products that homeowners or business owners put in toilets to make smell fresh or have a pretty tint color to their toilets.

We’ve noticed over the years the color, smelly looking objects that we place in our tank end up clogged the toilet jets and also end up clogging other part of the toilet.

Remember, when using anything there are pros and cons.

If you have a clogged toilet call Hiawatha Sewer Service today!

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