One easy way to prevent clogged toilets.

There’s two very easy ways from getting a clogged toilet. Number one is, when your not using your toilet always keep the lid shut. If you have little kids who like to get into everything put a heavy enough weight on the top of the toilet so it can’t be opened. Number two is, not to have a storage unit above the toilet. There’s a couple reasons for this from a plumber’s perspective. First off items can be easily dropped into the toilet and get lodged in the trap of the toilet. Or worse father down the line. Secondly, when there’s a shelf in the way of the toilet and repair work needs to be done, it will be harder for the plumbing technician to maneuver around. If your unit is movable make sure it’s moved out of the way so the plumbing technician can do their work. Otherwise the bill may be higher in the end. In the worst case scenario, the storage unit is nailed to the wall, cross your fingers and hope there’s enough room to repair the problem. Hire Hiawatha Plumbing today to repair your running or leaking toilet. Stop wasting money on your monthly water bill, and start putting that extra money to things that matter!

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