Major Clogged Bathtub

When you see a clogged shower/bathtub lots for thoughts may go through your head. First, you might think “time to call a plumber”. And then you’re done but…..

Clogged Bathtub

Clogged Bathtub

There might be a ton more thoughts going through your head. When I personally encounter a clogged shower or bathtub drain I first think gross and that it’s typically smelly. But, now it’s time to face this gross task. As a drain technician I grab all my tools and put down my drop clothes and go to work. Sometimes working on unclogging a bathtub or shower may be harder then unclogged your kitchen sink or main sewer line with tree roots growing into your pipes walls.

Bathtubs are hands down gross. It’s all hair, soap scrum and hardened whatever is down the drain. Trying to unclog a bathtub drain may also cause a leak. Bathtub drain lines are weaker then other pipes. Leave this work to the pros that clean, clear, unclog, unplug and open up blocked drain lines each and every day. Face it, sometimes it just makes to hire the professionals.

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Scoping Camera Sewer Line Inspection

Inspecting a sewer line is very important to consider every so often to see the quality of your line. Inspecting a sewer line is just as important and going to the doctor for a check up or going to the mechanic to repair your car. When inspecting a sewer line issues like shifted pipes or tree roots will be spotted. Some issues more severe then the next and some issues that don’t even need attention except for the annual routine drain cleaning.

Several customers that have issues request a camera to see the condition of their pipe so they see first hand if excavation is needed. Others just like to see what a sewer line is all about. Owning a piece a property requires knowing about every little piece of your property. Don’t let some company tell you something without proving it to you first hand.

Since camera technology has been around ten of thousands of dollars have been saved in our own customers pockets. Some clients thought digging was the next step and they ended up thinking wrong. Tree roots is what was blocking their sewer line.

Hiawatha Plumbing has camera technology to inspect and see inside your line. Our company is fortunate to own a camera and we use it everyday to help out clients and save money overall.

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Ever wonder why your toilet clogs so easily?

There are several reasons why toilets get clogged. The number one reason is miss use from the user of the toilet.

Most the time toilets just get clogged with to much toilet paper. Other times we pull out objects and on some severe cases we have to actually pull the toilet and run the line 100ft to release the tight clog. What any user of any toilet needs to understand is that toilets aren’t as powerful as you hoped.
In some commercial stores where they have power flushing toilets, you can abuse and put down more debris. You have to understand that power flushing toilets as well get clogged. Remember, if a toilet is made not to clog it will have other issues like leaking and having to have parts replaced more often.
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Garbage Disposals

Our company installs, removes, and sells 1/2 horse power Badger garbage disposals. If you have a larger horse power garbage disposal installed now and are looking to replace it, make sure you keep the same size. You will not be satisfied if you go down a horse power level.
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Average cost to clean your main sewer line

Calls come in everyday to clean clogged main sewer drains. First off, know that each and every sewer line is different. Never can two sewer lines be identical. The average cost of cleaning a main sewer line is normally under $140. There are a couple different ways to clean a main sewer line and I think it’s wise to talk briefly about them. If a house or commercial building has a proper floor main sewer line clean-out near the front of their foundation you could get a sewer line cleaned for around $130 for under 90 feet. Companies do charge more per foot after 90 feet. If one can only clean a sewer line through a stack pipe it could take a little longer. Note: that some stacks have smaller opening to clean a sewer line. If a stack line has a smaller opening we always suggest in the future to increase the size. getting a bigger blade through ones sewer line will be more beneficial to them. For the most part sewer lines never have to be jetted. If a company offers to jet your main sewer line before cleaning it with blades be hesitant to way they want to proceed that way. 95% of sewer lines can be cleaned with blades. For ones that don’t know what jetting is, it’s high pressure water that cleans ones line. We suggest getting lines cleaned by blades before water ever is even introduced. Number one, jetting costs more and number two jetting again isn’t always needed. If one knows that their line needs a jetter you should go ahead an proceed.
Most the time the average sewer line costs under $150 to clean. We suggest to clean and maintain ones sewer line every 12 months. Also, after receiving a main sewer line cleaning think about cleaning your floor drain at the same time. Debris is always left in there and will back up your drain soon after and if not will harden in your line. By cleaning sewer line every 12 months you will get the best results from roots and all other sorts of debris from growing and spreading worse in ones main sewer line.
If you must go about cleaning your sewer line through your toilet the price is higher for pulling/resetting your toilet. Toilet lines are the LAST WAY we want to clean your main sewer line. Cleaning a sewer line is all about the size of the blade we can get through the line
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