Four simple ways to reduce your energy bill

Being in the plumbing and drain cleaning business for over forty years, we get a lot of questions, and some have nothing to do with plumbing! The most common question we get is,”Why are utility and energy bills so high?” My first response is always, “Do your toilets working properly?” There are a few helpful tips and repairs we can offer on how to keep your toilets functioning efficiently. The second is, “What kind of light bulbs are you using?” All light bulbs in your home should be compact fluorescent bulbs. This kind of bulb could lower your energy bill 30-40%. The third issue for loss of energy could be caused by window and door leaks. Air leakage is the largest form of energy loss. One of the ways to start to fix this would be to fill in cracks by caulking. Due to the shifting and moving of the world, all homes settle and develop air cracks over time. The fourth and final issue relates to showering. The average person takes a shower lasting between fifteen and twenty minutes (sometimes multiple times per day!) Reducing time in the shower can help out your utility bill. I hope this information is helpful in saving you money. We look forward to hearing back from you and seeing if any of these tips helped your home. Good luck!!!

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