Is Your Flange In Shape?

Toilet flanges do age like humans and are in need of repair or maintenance. There are many reasons why toilet flanges need to be replaced. The main reason they get old and crack.

toilet flange

toilet flange

Toilets that are lifted from the floor can cause the flange to crack. The toilet flange is what holds the toilet from any movement or shaking. Our company repairs and replacing toilet flanges each and everyday. This is a very common plumbing service call.

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When are dual flushing toilets good to install?

The question I’ve always had is, when I go to clients houses that have dual toilets, I ask myself why? I understand their echo environmentally great but that’s all they have going for themselves. I good toilet these days cost over $200 but it’s well worth it. People that purchase toilet for under $150 will have problems. Toilet aren’t like they used to be. They flush less water which is a huge deal. Most people need to flush several times before leaving the bathroom. 3.6 gallons was the old flush and now were stuck with 1.6 gallons per flush. Honestly 1.6 gallons is nothing.

If I were in the market for buying a toilet I’d spend $400 plus dollars and purchase a power flush toilet. Power flushing toilets uses air pressure and water force. You almost can never clog a power flush toilet.

If your in the market for a new toilet call Hiawatha Plumbing and will guide in the right direction.

Stop buying cheap and buy practical and buy a unit that will last. Remember we use toilets all day, everyday.

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