Scoping Camera Sewer Line Inspection

Inspecting a sewer line is very important to consider every so often to see the quality of your line. Inspecting a sewer line is just as important and going to the doctor for a check up or going to the mechanic to repair your car. When inspecting a sewer line issues like shifted pipes or tree roots will be spotted. Some issues more severe then the next and some issues that don’t even need attention except for the annual routine drain cleaning.

Several customers that have issues request a camera to see the condition of their pipe so they see first hand if excavation is needed. Others just like to see what a sewer line is all about. Owning a piece a property requires knowing about every little piece of your property. Don’t let some company tell you something without proving it to you first hand.

Since camera technology has been around ten of thousands of dollars have been saved in our own customers pockets. Some clients thought digging was the next step and they ended up thinking wrong. Tree roots is what was blocking their sewer line.

Hiawatha Plumbing has camera technology to inspect and see inside your line. Our company is fortunate to own a camera and we use it everyday to help out clients and save money overall.

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Camera Sewer Line

Scoping your sewer line will tell you an entire story. Twenty years ago we never had video camera capabilities.

Putting a camera down your sewer line once cleaned will show us what’s going on and why you clog up. We always suggest cleaning your drain pipe with a professional company before we camera. Cleaning your own sewer line doesn’t count. The rented machines are not like the professional machines. A homeowner can’t clean a sewer line like an experience technician who does this work for a living day in and day out. Our company does drain cleaning and scoping a picture of your pipe. Before cameras we had to guess where to dig. Most the time we pin pointed the spot within three feet. Now a days we can pin point the exact first spot to dig with the technology of the camera and locator. Make sure you trust the company you hire before making any dramatic decision.
Call Hiawatha Plumbing for any plumbing drain sewer cleaning needs. Let us help you clean your line and camera it. Were the trusted company since 1947.

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