Flooded Basements

Experiencing a little water in your basement is one thing. Now, imagine finding three inches of water throughout your entire finished or unfinished basement. At this point your panicking and starting to freak out. I finally now understand why people get stuck paying the huge plumbing and drain cleaning rates. People that have time to look for a plumbing company get great deals. Now, think about the people that don’t have time to research a plumbing company and all they do is hire the first person they find. Chances are 99% of the time you find the company that advertises everywhere and now your getting stuck paying the high prices. Rule number one, always have a plumbing company in mind before a disaster occurs. Rule number two, clean your drains on maintenance before flooding happens. Rule number three, don’t ever call a plumbing company out of panic without doing your research. There is always time to make three important phone calls. You first call should be to your best friend that has experienced this same issue. Your second call should be to one of your close neighbors. Finally, your third phone call should be to your parents, asking them why they never warned you about having maintenance performed on your sewer line and now asking them to help clean up your flooded basement. Let me tell you it’s never fun throwing everything away, especially when it could have been prevented. It’s very important to check your basement each and every day. Pin hole water leaks can happen instantly and ruin flooring, walls and much more. Drains can suddenly get clogged and flood ones basement. Parents should mark important shut-off valves in your home. Also, teaching your kids what to do in case of an emergency can also come in handy one day. If you have an old shut-off valve that’s hard for anyone in the household to turn, that’s your hint to hire a plumber and get those valves replaced before it’s too late.

Dual Flush Toilets Pros and Cons

Some countries make dual flush toilet mandatory. Dual toilets are also known as “Green” toilets. These toilets flush no more then 1.6 gallons, compared to the standard toilets that flush 3.5 gallons. Most dual toilets are designed to use gravity to remove waste through a large trapway. Older toilets use pressure siphoning. The larger trapways are to reduce the amount of toilet clogs. The cost of the dual flushing toilets start at $250 and can go up to about four times the price. Dual toilets have a very modern look to them so they can match with a variety of bathroom styles. These toilets can be purchased in one or two piece sets.
Some cons to the dual flush toilets is that there harder to install. Each model is different and requires a professional plumber. These toilets also may require more cleaning due to the lower volume per flush. The buttons on the top of the unit may be confusing at first cause there not marked well. In most cases the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. A dual flush toilet in the long run will save you money on your water bill.

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