Time for Sheetrock! (One step to remember)

Once you have all the work behind the walls complete it’s now time to install sheet rock. Say good-bye to all the phones wires, cable wires and speaker wires, insulation, plumbing pipes, water lines, vent pipes for heating, and electrical wires. Having the sheet rock installed is a mayor step to finishing any project. Once the walls are up there’s no going back (well, you can go back but it’s inconvenient). Remember when starting the sheet rock to have all drain and water pipes capped. Having the chance of cement or other debris getting down your lines wouldn’t be good news.

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Capped water lines

Shower rule #1 (Water Pressure)

Having a good steady stream of water is key while showering. Think back to time when your traveling or away at school and the water pressure in the shower just isn’t up to your standards. Make sure your water lines can handle the type of shower your creating. Multiple shower head and jets must have a big enough water line going to them. If your water line going to the shower valves aren’t large enough the pressure in your shower will be disappointing. Consult a plumber if your not sure about your water pressure. If your designing your own walk-in shower it’s very time consuming, but is worth every second in the end. Call Hiawatha Plumbing for any shower questions.
Enjoy and have fun creating your new shower!

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