Keep your kitchen sink clog free!

Weather you live in a house, condo or apartment building having a clogged kitchen sink is never fun. The damage that can occur from water leaking onto your kitchen floor can cause major unwanted expense. If water sits long enough on wood floors in the kitchen you may be looking at replacing the entire floor. Tile floors are the best floors to have installed in a kitchen. Tile floors do get hard on the joints to stand on, but do hold up in situations like these. If your experiencing any kind of water leak in your kitchen contact a plumber today. Turn off the shut-off valves to whichever fixture has sprung a leak. Remember, just because you might only have a small leak it can quickly turn into a nightmare. Most leaks occur when out of town or at work. Don’t come home surprised that your kitchen and or more is ruined. Be smart and call Hiawatha Plumbing today to fix your problem before it comes worse. 10% off all new customers and 5% off all old customers!

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