Winter plumbing check list?

Make sure before the winter months and the ground freezes you mark where all your drain clean outs in your yard are. You never know when that unexpected drain clog will happen. Don’t forget to mark the clean outs before it’s to late. If you don’t have any outside clean outs make sure you drain your outside exterior sillcocks/hose bibs. If they freeze and break they will need to be replaced in the Spring.

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Are you keeping up on drain cleaning?

What the average homeowner doesn’t realize is that keeping up on drain cleaning is very important just like anything else in the home. When experiencing a clogged or slow drain never put down any home-made or store bought chemicals down your drains. Cleaning out your main line annually will keep the line in tact for many years to come. Cleaning other drains in your home will keep the lines wide open and they won’t close up on you. If you let hard crust build up on any pipes you will be replacing that pipe and will cost you more money then just having them cleaned annually.
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Camera inspect your sewer line

You might ask why is it so important to camera your sewer line. From time to time sewer lines shift and may fall apart or be separating slowly. Viewing your sewer line and looking inside the line will tell you so much about your line. You’ll learn what kind of pipe your sewer line is made of. You will find out how your sewer line got put together. You’ll find out where the root growth is coming from. Seeing inside your pipe will give you peace of mind if anything.
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